Hello! Welcome to Shelf Candy Saturday and thank you to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting!

June is about over and the summer is in full swing!

So let’s give you a cover to cool you down a bit-

Some winter chill may be in order.

This week’s Shelf Candy is:

Beneath The Shadows by Sara Foster
Synopsis can be found here.

I find this cover to be so beautiful and intriguing!

I love the thin, frozen branches, reaching like a canopy over the old fashioned black stroller. The white, untouched snow is haunting. I love how there are no visible footprints around the stroller. How did it get there? And why does it sit there, with no one around? A quiet wooden scene, the tall thin trunks of the trees, the silent scene.

I love the bold red lettering of the title and the smaller scripted font. The words “beneath” and “shadows” really stand out, creating an eery feeling.

Yes, it is the middle of the summer.

But it gave you a little chill, didn’t it?