18296013Title: The Hunt

Author: Stacey Kade

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Publication Date: April 2014

Genre: Young Adult Fiction/Sci-Fi

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book Two

Synopsis can be found here.
I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Ariane Tucker is on the run, with Zane in tow. Sure, he knows who or what she is – an alien hybrid who was brought up in secrecy for a trial. But he seems to be falling for her anyway. Even though they’re on the run. Ariane is aware it’s not only her own organization who is after her. The two rivals are also on their tails, and will employ any means necessary to win.

The Hunt is the second book in the Project Paper Dolls series and like it’s predecessor, it’s fast paced and pretty fun. I don’t know what it is about this series that catches me and holds on. It’s hard to describe. I like Ariane and how she feels torn between being an alien and being human. I like how she’s afraid of herself, vulnerable and untrusting of everyone. I am not a huge fan of Zane but as far as “good guys who fall for superhero girls”, he’s okay. Do I know why he likes Ariane? Sure I do. She’s kinda cool. Do I know why Ariane likes Zane? Not so much and this book doesn’t really help me see it. Sure, Zane is nice, loyal and trying to be helpful. But there’s nothing really special about him so while I don’t mind Zane, I am not swooning. He’s sorta bland.

The plot is great, easy to follow. I found myself engrossed in a 4 hour flight and didn’t look up once. (Well, I did once. They were handing out ritz crackers. So there.) There are a lot of questions that aren’t addressed or answered, but I’m hoping those will be in the next installment.

I really really liked the other hybrids. Ford is chilling and Ariane’s reaction to Ford and her so called family give Ariane another reason to like her. Her fight between being/acting human and her natural calling of cold bloodedness is universal.

I’m excited to read the third book because this one left off on such a cliffhanger, I’m pretty excited to see where Kade goes with the series. A pretty solid sequel.

Rating 7 Would Recommend