happinessproject-04Hello friends!

November is gone and December is here.


I did pretty well last month but not as well as I had hoped. I did stay away from myself blogging too much which was good. I focused on reading some books I’ve wanted to get to for a long time and I read a lot of my favorite blogs more and cleaned out the ones I don’t usually read or are dormant.

I still wish I could have read/commented more though. In my defense, I did start a new job in November so that added to the upheaval of my schedule. I’m still trying to gain my footing back but with the holidays here and all, it may take me till January to feel truly settled in again.

While November was to Work on Being A Better Blogger and Blog Reader, December is to Cultivate Relationships. What better time than the holidays! I find myself getting into a routine and time passes and I should have made plans with this friend, or that. I was supposed to call. I forgot to write back. And really there’s no excuse. So December I’m going to focus on strengthening my relationships because I’ve missed my friends.


1. Settle down and write Christmas cards this year. I try to do this every year, but sometimes I’m too daunted by the list. A few cards a day though should help ease that!

2. Call at least one long distance friend I haven’t heard from and catch up!

3. Hang out with one friend I don’t see often every week.

4. Write one person a letter a week as a surprise! I love getting letters in the mail. Don’t you?

5. Stay after work more to hang out with new co-workers and make new friends! My commute is farther away in miles but not minutes and to avoid traffic I’ve been trying to find stuff to do near work so I can wait out rush hour. So far, I’ve signed up for a strength training class and I may be going to yoga with a new co-worker!


It’s not enough I’m sure, but I want to get better at staying in touch with people and this usually is forgotten when I’m under stress or just wrapped up in the day to day.


What are your December goals?