wdtbwsbannerpreHappy Saturday! I am so excited the weekend is here, you have no idea. It’s been such a hard week at work. It doesn’t help that all I want to do is curl up outside and read in the sun!!

Anyway, today we’re interviewing Pabkins from Not Yet Read


Welcome Tabitha!

Crop-Tab-202x300Name : Tabitha

Code Name/Alias: Pabkins

Haunt: Not Yet Read

I read mostly: Fantasy and Science Fiction – both adult and young adult and the occasional middlegrade – oh yes and graphic novels! Currently subgenre I am favoring is totally Urban fantasy!

Literary Boyfriend:
Harry Dresden from Jim Butchers urban fantasy series, The Dresden Files. He’s a wizard, his tall lanky and adorable….I calls him my tall pale, dark who doesn’t know he’s sexy wizard. Funny story, I wanted to name my son Dresden but my husband and mother and law voted me down. How DARE they!!?

Literary Best friend:
Wait – in real life? Or who’s a character in a book that I consider a best friend! Oh wait I found some context based on your next question…so yeah I seriously don’t know. Don’t shoot me. I’m going to go with Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series on this one. She’s one dedicated friend.

Literary Arch Nemesis:
HOME WRECKING, attempted man thieving biznatches like Christy from the Mercy Thomson urban fantasy series written by Patricia Briggs. If I could put an extreme hurting on that harlot I would! Not only because she’s a piss poor selfish mother but because hell she’s just about everything I hate embodied in one person!

Besides reading, what are some other favorite hobbies?
You’ve done opened the flood gate now girly!
I am all about picking up artsy crafty hobbies…like loose change. I find one I want to try, promptly buy every craft supply possible for it under the sun, dive in and then drown out of it months later! Some that I tend to go back to are Painting (this is the one I’m totally loving right now!) and crochet (making amigurumi stuffed toys). Oh yeah and I love watching anime…its some of the only television I watch.

How do you take your potato?
I like the orange yams just plain they are so sweet and delicious who needs anything else. I think most people think they are sweet potatoes…maybe they are…there are a bunch of different types but yeah they are pretty much like a dessert to me. DESSERT FIRST BABY!!!

Kiss, Date, Marry: Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester, Mr. Darcy? and Why?
Screw Mr. Rochester – we’re talking Jane Eyre here right? Yeah that guy is just pffft…love Jane though. I would totally have strong words with Mr. Darcy and then thoroughly love upon him in a most prideful and forthright manner. Well that is if I didn’t live in his time period and could promptly escape because I’d probably be labeled a hussy.

You are fleeing from your arch nemesis. Which mode of transportation do you take?
a) Broomstick
b) Pegasus
c) Spaceship
d) Nothing. I shall wave my hand and turn them into toads!
THEY SHALL ALL BE TOADS!!! I do not flee! Off with their heads!

Team Edward or Team Jacob? (be honest)
Dude you’re kidding me right. Not a fan. You’d be proud of me I backspaced and deleted all the snarky things I had just written. Hooray for me and self control.

I organize my bookshelf by:
a) color
b) size
c) genre
d) what bookshelf? I am a digital only reader
I try to do it by genre and target age audience but you know that doesn’t always happen.

I hide books:
a) in my closet
b) in my car
c) under my bed
d) from my husband/spouse/significant other
e) in the kitchen
f) all of the above
All of the freaking above! Would you believe I used to have all books delivered to my work office so that I could smuggle them into the house later so the husband wouldn’t realize how many books I was buying!? True story. Now he doesn’t care because he ASSUMES! (wrongly I might add) that all the books that arrive are free from the publisher. *cackles madly*

Brandon-Sanderson-and-Tabitha - Hugo

Pabkins with Brandon Sanderson







You may be granted an interview with your favorite author- living or dead. Who do you pick to have tea with?
You know, I’m lucky enough that I’ve been able to meet several of my favorite authors and pick their brains so I really can’t say! Alright alright probably Brandon Sanderson because I’ve only been able to chat with him not actually interview him. So yeah that would be a dream interview – someday maybe!!

Tabitha - YA authors signing








YA group signing from Copperfields Books.
Tabitha in front.
From left to right:  Melissa Buell – THE SEVENTH BLESSING; S.J. Kincaid – INSIGNIA; Shannon Messenger – LET THE SKY FALL; Daisy Whitney – WHEN YOU WERE HERE; Debra Driza – MILA 2.0; Marissa Meyer – CINDER | SCARLET | CRESS; Susanne Winnacker – IMPOSTOR

OMG Hilarious. I can see Tabitha is a girl after my own heart. And sorry about the Jacob vs. Edward question! You know, I have to ask! 😉

You can follow Pabkins @Pabkins or find her on goodreads here. Remember to visit Not Yet Read!