Hi Friends!

If you’re in the Souther California area as I am, you’ll know that we’ve had the most rain in a very long time, maybe a decade. That left me a lot of time hunkering down and reading! And what better way than to get lost in a book is to get lost in a SERIES of books!

Rainy weather + Top Tea = Getting lost in new worlds!

So here is my top 4. What are yours?



Here is my TOP 4 Underrated Series in YA Fiction.

I hope you take a chance and read one of these if you haven’t already! In no particular order:















The Lyburn Legacy by Sarah Rees Brennan


This one broke my heart, stitched it together again and punched it in the stomach. The thrilling trilogy about magic, evil and a mystical connection between two best friends in a small, sleepy English town is not to be missed. I love love love the series so much. There’s romance and family and complicated relationships. All of the characters grabbed my heart, and let me tell you, no one is safe.

This trilogy is one of my favorites ever so please read it fast so we can fangirl together!

















Black City by Elizabeth Richards

Wow. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up Black City. But halfway through, I decided not only did I love it, but I needed the next book right away. And the one after that. I mean, I went almost crazy waiting for a hardcover version of the last book to arrive in my mailbox. Vampires and segregation, a rebellion and true love, laced drugs, heart transplants, an evil dictator. And so many twists and turns through the story, The Black City trilogy is so well done, I’m seriously surprised it doesn’t have a massive crazy epic group following.

Well, if you love it like I do, write to me. Cause we can scream about it together!






















The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole

Hmmm, what do I say about this ongoing series about the Major (and Minor) Arcana of the tarot battling to the death after the most recent Apocalypse? Why haven’t you started reading it? Evie and friends, our main girl and on a quest for redemption, try to break the cycle of the Major Arcana’s last killing game. But double crosses, lies and jealousy are everywhere and Evie might have to embrace the evil she has in her soul to win the game and save those she loves. Hooked yet?

How about this?

Cole is an expert romance writer so not only are the stakes high and the world building strong, but the heat between the main love triangle is KILLER. I mean, how is a girl to choose again the boy she loves and the man she has been tied to for centuries? Oh, and who is set to kill her? And can only touch her? And …

And go read it.
















Immortal Beloved by Cate Teirnan

So not going to lie. I’ve been putting off reading this series because of the covers. Yes, that’s right. I said it. I wasn’t a fan of the covers, so I kept thinking oh I’ll read it later. I’m a dumbass.

This trilogy is amazeballs. our girl realizes that being immortal doesn’t mean she has to be bad and getting away from her friends and fleeing to a small organic farm in the US is what is supposed to turn her immortal life around. Until she realizes that evil follows her everywhere. And she just ran smack into her history – if history was a gorgeous Viking god who makes her legs wobble.

Tiernan’s trilogy is fun with a lot of snark and laughing out loud moments, especially in book three. You can’t help but cheer for our girl Nasty, and really want her happily ever after. But the thing is – does she deserve it? And does that matter?



Do you have a YA series you LOVE LOVE LOVE and you don’t think gets enough LOVE?

Let me know!