tumblr_m413yljR0q1rn9r3ho1_1280An article appeared on the Barnes and Nobles’ blog titled  “The Hottest Men In Required Reading” by Rebecca Jane Stokes. It’s a great article and so when my friend J asked me who would be on my list, I couldn’t resist writing mine!

I had to really sit down and think about this one so here is my short list of Hot Men in Required Reading. Enjoy.

In no particular order:

The Hottest Men in Required Reading

Mr. Darcy from “Pride & Prejudice” – duh. Mr. Misunderstood. Aren’t we all, Mr. D?

Mr. Rochester from “Jane Eyre” – Dark, broody and tortured. Sure, he has a mad wife who lives upstairs, but don’t forget he does try to care for her, enlisting a nurse who likes the bottle and keeping her in the house, even after repeated attempts of murder. I mean, it shows devotion, doesn’t it?

Benedick from “Much Ado About Nothing” – I love the witty and sharp banter between him and his beloved Beatrice.  The lines are so clever and quick, of course there’s deep attraction between them. You know what they say about when a boy pulls your hair in pre-school…My favorite film version of this is between Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson, then married.

Mr. Knightly from “Emma”  – Best friend and confidant, Mr. Knightly loves Emma so deeply, so passionately. Yet through the entire story, he holds his feelings at bay and is the picture of mentor, brother in law and friend.

Dracula from “Dracula” – Okay, okay. I know. And maybe it does have something to do with the romanticism of vampires in today’s culture, but you can’t get past the fact that the good old Count lives in a Castle, is maybe a little bit dangerous, evil and crazy and has some undying love thing going on.  I’ll be honest, undying love is a turn on. He is the original bad boy tortured- passionate, ruthless and eternally cursed. Oh yeah, did I mention evil? Maybe I’ve been reading too many paranormal romances…

Maxim deWinter from “Rebecca” –  And yep. I love him even more when Laurence Oliver plays him. Maxim with his haunted past, his ghost of an ex wife who looms around the house, and the cray-cray Mrs. Danvers. Put all that aside, and you have your tortured, strong, rich alpha male who is just looking for love. Who was bewitched by a vixen and driven to the brink of insanity. Sorry but this is one of my favorite books of all time so of course I’m going to put this on there!

Lord Goring from “An Ideal Husband” – I love the quick wit of this play, most of the best lines coming from Lord Goring who recognizes the absurdity which is society. Smart, clever and faithful, Lord Goring helps his best friend avoid scandal while putting himself in a very bad situation. Outwardly, he may look to be a scoundrel, but through the play, Lord Goring is above all, a believer in love and second chances.  One of my favorite Wilde plays.

Aragon from “Lord Of The Rings” – He’s a man-elf Prince/King. Warrior, protector, a complicated past and an uneasy future ahead of him. But his strength of character and bravery leads everyone through. (Oh, and um, Viggo is perfect.)


Some Unrequired Reading suggestions:
Roarke from “In Death” series –  Irish, strong, and fierce, Roarke protects his darling Eve Dallas. He’s feared, rich and sexy with a murky background and dark past of his own. But his love of his Eve, tenderness and emotion sets him apart from other male leads. Delicious.

Matthew Clairmont from “A Discovery of Witches” – He’s a vampire with impeccable taste in artifacts, book, wine, and has a castle. Enough said.

And for you YA fans out there- at the moment I may be in love with
Gansey and Adam from “The Raven Boys”  and “The Dream Thieves” – Gansey: He is far from perfect, with insensitive words and a passion for things he doesn’t understand. But he’s also kind, generous and complicated. Adam: Loyal, sweet and broken, he is the underdog, the one no one suspects, the long shot. He is the one I root for.

Do you see a pattern with these boys?

And taking a look at the list above, I am wondering if maybe I need therapy. 🙂

Who is on your list???