Hello fellow Sugar-a-holics!

Welcome to another edition of Shelf Candy! I am your Sugar Queen and here to present to you another beautiful cover or two!
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Onto the Shelf Candy:

Lost Voices by Sarah Porter (Book One)
Synopsis can be found here.

Waking Storms by Sarah Porter (Book Two)
Synopsis can be found here.

I haven’ t read this series yet, but Waking Storms just came out and it’s a real eye catcher.
Laying on the table at one of my local bookshops, I saw it and realized- hey, I know that series!
While the first book is pretty, I find the cover on the second to be very intriguing! The second book is what makes me pull this series from my To Read pile up to the top!

I love the underwater quality of the photo, the whispy soft colors, the dancing lights.
And the mermaid tail! The first book looks lighter, airy while the second book takes on a darker quality. I love them both!

And, it’s even prettier in person!

What do you think?
Are you partial to mermaid stories?