Title: The Trespasser

Author: Tana French

Publisher: Viking

Publication Date: October 2016

Genre: Fiction/Adult Mystery

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book 6



Synopsis can be found here.

I purchased this book.





What’s not to love about Tana French?

I’ll tell you.


I got my hands on this pretty book around the time it came out and it took me months to read it. Months to read my favorite author. For pretty much the reasons you would expect. It will be so good. Once I read it, it’s over. It’s dense and heart thumping. I need to focus all of my attention on it. I need to be in the mood. I need a lot of time to set aside so I can read through the night.

The Trespasser, French’s sixth book in her Dublin Murder Squad series, is no exception. And while other ones might be more of my favorite (Faithful Place and In The Woods for instance) I would read/buy/hug anything French puts out because even my least favorite books of hers are still amazing.

So let’s get to it.

This book is about murder and it’s not about murder at all. I really liked this book because our chief detective, Antoinette Conway, is hard as nails and bitter. She’s the only female on the squad and is constantly getting abused and criticized for it, or so she thinks. Her partner, Stephen Moran is the golden boy, who balances Conway out. Who is the clear thinker and calm partner.

The book really centers around Antoinette and the way she handles the case with her partner. When things don’t add up, and her guts tells her something is amiss, we see Antoinette’s struggles clearly. I really liked Antoinette, even though her temper and her mouth would get away with her. She is so powerful and so used to fighting, of course it was hard to not always be on the defensive. Even with Moran, someone she thinks has her back.

The case moved slowly for me, which wasn’t a bad thing. French did a great job showing how everything almost added up, almost made sense, but there was always something missing, something hidden. Something the tagged. And the big reveal at the end was a good one. It was worth the wait.

This isn’t my most favorite of her books in the Dublin Murder Squad series, but I liked that it was different and unique. And that’s what I want in a mystery book.