Vamps vs Zombie Blog Hop Peeps! It’s here!


The Vamps vs. Zombies giveaway!

Thank you to My Shelf Confessions for hosting this awesome blog hop. And if you haven’t been paying attention, August has been Vamps and Zombies month over there. Go explore their site, and the other sites participating, to get your August dose of Blood Thirsty and Brain Eating monsters!

I’m all about paranormal books, all year round so this blog hop is really exciting for me! I really love beginning new series, especially when the sequels are out already so I can just keep reading on thru!

So for this hop, you can win ONE of the following books  –


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Your choice of any one of these!

US and International are welcome to enter (anywhere Book Depository ships!)

Just fill in the rafflecopter below and good luck!

And if you were wondering, I’m Team Vampire all the way. Love those vamps!

(And eating brains is gross!)

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And check out all these other awesome blogs participating!  

Happy Hopping!