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Before I tell you what you can win, I have a special guest for this hop! She holds a special place in my heart because the first movie I saw in the theater was about her.


Snow White!

Snow White: Thank you, thank you.

Me: Thanks so much for coming Snow! I used the Disney image of you to respect your privacy.

Snow: Thank you for having me! My, it certainly is a bit chilly isn’t it?

Me: Oh, it’s the wind. Picks up every now and then. So, I wanted to ask you, with all of the new films coming out based on, well, your life, how are handling all this sudden attention?

Snow: Oh, you know, it’s flattering really. I don’t think I’m very interesting. But I love the way I’m being portrayed. I would love to weild a sword and fight a battle and all, but I lived in a different time. Female were subjected to the restricted female stereotypes- looking pretty, cleaning, that sorta thing. It’s exciting to imagine growing up in this age. My life may have been different. Not unlike these new films, perhaps!

Me: That was a long time ago though. You’ve grown and matured a lot since then. Can you tell our readers what you’re doing now?

Snow: I run a local animal shelter and reservation. We take in stray animals and give them homes. Many of them are adopted, but some I can’t part with and they become part of the family! I also manage a small vegetarian restaurant on the main street, the last stop before you enter the forest. It’s very popular!

Me: That’s amazing! And how is your Prince doing?

Snow: He’s doing well. I mean, as time has gone on, obviously our roles have changed. He’s no longer a prince, thank goodness because he was quite stubborn and pig headed! But he’s really grown and matured as a person. He’s still my love and I think he’s really become this beautiful and supportive person. It’s not easy to change. So he’s not a prince anymore, so what does he do? Sit around feeling sorry for himself? No! He worked hard, went back to school, he originally studied government you know, and now teaches high school English.

Me: Thanks for catching up with us Snow! And don’t be a stranger!

Snow: I won’t be! And remember everyone, all creatures are your friends!

Now onto the book!
You can win a copy of:

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce
Synopsis can be found here.

This is one of my favorite fairy tale retellings. It has everything! A forest, candy and some twists that are downright horrifying!
My favorite Jackson Pearce book by far.

Just fill out the form and away you go!

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So enjoy!
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