11999190_10155934214935618_2131257031_oTomorrow I’ll be participating in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon!

I have books set up, ready to go!

I have water and tea and cookies (obviously the most important thing for any read a ton!). I also have an audiobook ready for the times when my eyes are tired and I need a break!

This starts on October 17th! Wish me luck and follow me along on Twitter at @TheWindyPages to see how I’m doing!


The current list of books I’m picking from is:



Well, it is October! :D


And while my current read is “Shattered Souls” by Mary Lindsey, I’m hoping I’m going to be mostly done with that one tomorrow morning so I can add that too.

I’m hoping to read at least two books tomorrow! I’m also picking physical books because I need to clean out my library for personal reasons and nothing frees up more space than giveaways!

I will be taking a break to go to a yarn event at my local yarn store so I am excited about that too!

So wish me luck and follow twitter and see how I’m doing!