img_8437Today I want to just chat about one of my other favorite hobbies- knitting!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…






I stumbled upon a little article in Real Simple that showed you how to knit. I knit my first scarf a couple of months later! While I did enjoy knitting, I was not adventurous. That didn’t happen until I met my friend T over at Nite Lite Book Reviews. She is a heavy crafter! And showed me how to knit different stitches, pick yarn and opened my eyes to the world of textiles! (Thanks t!)


Now that I have a limited number of hours, I usually find myself reading (of course!) or watching a show while knitting. It relaxes me and there’s a deep sense of accomplishment when a project is done and ready to be worn or given away.

In 2016, I became a Mom! And so alot of the things I knit now are for my baby. They’re for her when she’s older, when she’s little and right now. I love knitting because of the freedom of creativity it gives me and the way I can express myself through yarn, color, fiber and patterns.

Going into this new year, I want to focus more on being grateful for the things I have, for the people in my life and appreciating Time. Time itself is so precious, now that I have baby, everything has changed. I’m watching her grow and change every day, and I’m more fully aware of how time goes by so fast and how to make the most of the time I have. Not only of my time with her, but of my own private time where I can grow and create and challenge myself. And this goes for knitting too. I have a large yarn stash that I am looking forward to diving in and knitting with. I’m looking forward to playing with yarn, learning new techniques and making more knitted items for my daughter and my family.


Here are some pics of knitted items I made in 2016.

img_7848_medium2 img_5987_medium img_3784_medium2 img_7481_medium2













Thuy and I also have a podcast that talks about all of our knitting adventures. You can find us here.

Do you craft? Do you knit or sew or crochet? Are you on Ravelry?? :D