2014 is closing and I’m looking forward to 2015! So much can happen in a year! Here’s a mini wrap up

Favorite books!


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Finished Series!

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Started a Knitting podcast called Twisted Stitches with Thuy from Nite Lite

You can download our podcast where Thuy and I discuss knitting and sewing on iTunes or through the Twisted Stitches blog.







Started A Happiness Project where every month I set goals for myself to find and appreciate the big and small happiness things in my life. This is due to my reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Recap of December to up soon!







Also, got a new job! 🙂

YAY! I had been looking for a while and nothing seemed to fit. But over a month ago I started at this new company and I’m having a wonderful time. They’re fun, knowledgeable and it is really a joy to go to work every day.


What were the highlights of your 2014?
 Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to 2015.