2014readingresolutionsHey Friends! Happy 2014! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years!

My blogging friends decided we should start a weekly meme. The Reader’s Antidote, Elegantly Bound Book Reviews and Nite Lite Reviews are participating as well so check them out!

Our First Question is: What are your Reading Resolutions?


I make resolutions. I feel like it’s good for my brain to write things down, especially goals I want to accomplish during the year. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn’t. But every New Year, I’m hopeful that this is the year that I will accomplish everything on my list. And that includes my reading goals!

Before the New Year, I went on a cleaning spree in my house and did everything from a closet clean out (much needed) to the kitchen cabinets to my magazine pile to my books. I felt so good after the cleansing, I want to make the book piles a priority for 2014.


1. Book Diet
Hey! I saw you roll your eyes at me! But it’s true. I am always on book diet and 2014 is no exception.
I resolve to shop my stash, and limit my book buying to signing books or if it’s the next book in a series I’m reading. Strict rules, but I think I’ll be happier for it. And I have so many books to already read! Now they will get love too, instead of collecting dust. This goes for ebooks too. I get into a bad habit of buying a lot of ebooks thinking they “don’t count” because they are digital. But that isn’t really the case, is it?
Also, I am really focused on reading my physical stash. This year, I want to move out at least 50 books from my house. It sounds like a lot (and it is) but I’m making it top priority for 2014. And I’m sure my husband will breathe a sigh of relief.


2. Read more physical books a month. I know this sounds silly, but I usually read ebooks on my Kindle. Which does not help the physical book clutter that is in my bedroom. Therefore, shift in focus.


3. Read at least 1 book per month for the Better Late Than Never Challenge. 


4. Go to the local library at least once a month! I stopped for a while because I changed jobs and the library near my new job isn’t as awesome as the one near my old job. That said, the older one isn’t that far away and I’m going ot make it a point to swing by on the weekends to pick up new books! Win. Win.


5. Donate extra books to local library!


6. SLOOOW DOWN– I really want to read slowly this year and savor the writing. Sometimes I feel like it’s a race, to finish the book and move onto the next one. This is a combination between pressure to review and also, finding out what happens in the story! But a lot of times, I miss things in the writing and so this year, I really want to slow down and read quietly.


7. Most importantly- STOP Requesting NG or E books! I love these two websites, and I love getting digital ARCs, but I am so far behind I don’t think it’s fair anymore to request new releases and read them when I haven’t read my past requests yet. I’m going to really cut down BIG TIME on how many I request through these systems. Honestly, I just start feeling stressed out over the guilt and I don’t want to feel guilty about books. That is just dumb.


I’m looking forward to saving some money by not buying so many books and using the local library. I really want to travel again this year so I’m going to have to save big time. I’m also excited to read some older ARCs I haven’t gotten around to.

What are your Reading Resolutions?