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Welcome to another Saturday edition of Meet The Bookworm!

My friend Alyson is here from Kid Lit Frenzy! and today we’re asking her the tough, grueling, horror questions. You know. Like about Twilight.

Take it away Aly!


010Name: Alyson Beecher

Code Name/Alias: Kid Lit Frenzy

Haunt: (this will be your web address)  Kid Lit Frenzy (www.kidlitfrenzy.com)


I read mostly: (genre) With Children’s and YA books, I tend to read a little of everything.  In order to match the right book to the right kid, you need to read across genres to know what is out there.  Of course, if I had my preference, I would read mostly fantasy and science fiction followed by historical fiction and mysteries.


Literary Boyfriend:  This is actually a bit hard to answer.  For the past several years, most of the YA I have been reading has been issue books and I haven’t really been swooning over the boys in these books.  However, I will say that Lisa McMann writes some of the best book boyfriends out there.  I think Cabel from the Wake (Dream Catcher series) is still one of my favorites, along with Sawyer from Crash (Vision Series).  And of course, I still swoon over Chen Yong in Cindy Pon’s Silver Phoenix/ Fury of the Phoenix books.


Literary Best friend:  This is hard. There are so many different characters that I want to be friends with.  Maybe I could hang out with Sophie Young and Grace Yang from The Wig in the Window and spy on people?  Or Mo LoBeau from Three Times Lucky?


Literary Arch Nemesis: Is it sad that I only think of arch nemesis while reading the book and forget them later?


Besides reading, what are some other favorite hobbies?  If anyone wants to lend me a large functional kitchen, I love planning and cooking for small groups (6-10 people).  My current place really does not lend itself to that kind of cooking. I wish I had time for more hobbies but work, reading, and outside literacy events fill up quite a bit of free time. If I had the time, I would love to go to performances (such as musicals, and plays) regularly.  Also, I wish I had time to return to photography.


How do you take your potato? I seriously have not met a potato I haven’t liked.  I love them baked, mashed, fried, au gratin…. I also love them with cheese.


Kiss, Date, Marry: Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester, Mr. Darcy? and Why? Oh this one is hard.  I am not really fond of either Heathcliff or Mr. Rochester.  But if I have to decide, then I would kiss the younger Heathcliff, date Mr. Rochester, and finally settle on Mr. Darcy and live happily ever after.


You are fleeing from your arch nemesis. Which mode of transportation do you take? 

a) Broomstick

b) Pegasus

c) Spaceship

d) Nothing. I shall wave my hand and turn them into toads! (I love this response. *giggles*)


Team Edward or Team Jacob? (be honest) In the book, I am Team Edward. And in the movies, I prefer Jacob.  


I organize my bookshelf by:

a) color

b) size

c) genre

d) what bookshelf? I am a digital only reader

e) stacks, tubs, bags, doubling up on shelves – anywhere I can fit them (However, if I had enough space, I would organize them by author and series.)


You are stranded on a desert island. Dr. Moreau, Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Frankenstein each stand in a boat which will get you to safety. Who do you choose to travel with? Those are some seriously scary choices. I am going to pick Dr. Jekyll and hope that I can find a way to tame the beast/Mr. Hyde.


I hide books:

a) in my closet

b) in my car

c) under my bed

d) from my husband/spouse/significant other

e) in the kitchen

f) all of the above though “d” would be my housemate who is tolerant of my book collection


Aly! Thank you so much for stopping by! You guys can check out Aly’s blog Kid Lit Frenzy or find her on Twitter at @alybee930

Happy Saturday!!