wdtbwsbuttonfinal3Happy Saturday! I love the weekend and today I am interviewing my friend and co-blogger Alethea from Read Now Sleep Later! You can also find her blogging about non booky stuff on The Clever Bee.

I’m asking her the tough, gritty, real questions! Don’t miss it!






photo (74)Name: Alethea Allarey

Code Name/Alias: frootjoos

Haunt: Read Now Sleep Later (http://www.readnowsleeplater.com/)

I read mostly:  young adult fiction

Literary Boyfriend: Oooh tough one! I’d have to stick with Valek from Poison Study. He’s my steady.

Literary Best friend: Jacky Faber from the Bloody Jack series. I know she can be outrageous, but that’s why I love her!

Literary Arch Nemesis: Every Mean Girl type character who is completely irredeemable. I prefer my mean girls to have *some* chinks in their armor. There’s something loathesome and kind of boring when they’re just pure evil.

Besides reading, what are some other favorite hobbies? Knitting, painting (mostly watercolor and oils), cooking–especially baking!, and watching TV. British shows are the best!

Who are you? Hobbit, Elf or Dwarf?
Totally Hobbit. I just want to eat, read and sleep in a Hobbit hole… I could do without the pipe-weed, thanks, Gandalf.

How do you take your potato?
Pretty much any way, but here are my top 5 in ascending order: mashed; baked and topped with sour cream, butter, and chives; roasted with lots of garlic; fries, and curly fries :)

You are fleeing from your arch nemesis. Which mode of transportation do you take?
a) Broomstick
b) Pegasus – Taking the Pegasus. Also will take the opportunity to dent the roof of her car, if possible. Who’s going to believe her when she says I trampled it with a winged horse?
c) Spaceship
d) Nothing. I shall wave my hand and turn them into toads!

Team Edward or Team Jacob? (be honest) Jacob, because he’s way hotter literally and figuratively.

I organize my bookshelf by:
a) color
b) size
c) genre – genre- then alpha by author’s last name :)
d) what bookshelf? I am a digital only reader

Harry Potter has come over and needs your help. What do you do?
Quell my cradle-robbing instincts and ask him what’s up. Obviously he needs me for my book-recommendation and recipe-testing skills.

You may be granted an interview with your favorite author- living or dead. Who do you pick to have tea with?
Patrick Rothfuss, preferably with family in tow because his girlfriend and kids sound adorable.

And finally –
You are granted one magical pet. Which do you choose and why?
a) cunning rabbit
b) faithful wolf
c) curious cat
d) wise owl
e) majestic lion
f) watchful raven – Definitely a raven — they’re cunning and can fly, and I bet they’re good in a fight, too. I walked by one last year that was about the size of a labrador. Scary but awesome at the same time!


Thanks for stopping by Alethea! You can find Alethea blogging on Read Now Sleep Later, the Clever Bee, or find her on twitter @frootjoos