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Question: New Adult! Thoughts?




I have to be honest: I’m not a HUGE fan of New Adult. Some of it can be really well done. Heartbreaking, raw, emotional. But a lot of it can be really mediocre. I think New Adult is a new art that is still getting its legs and we need to give it some time to grow.

I love the wonderful varied characters, the well thought out stories and pasts, the challenges and the romance. I like that there is usually adult themes (aka sex) in these books because a lot of kids are having sex at that age (college age) and it makes the relationships and struggles believable. However, some authors feel like their characters have to have SO much dark baggage around them, it can be suffocating and makes the story unrealistic. It seems the current trend is to create the absolute MOST broken people and get them together. For me, some characters are so very broken, their arc makes no sense. Their attraction is forced and not really there. How can they be so beyond repair, but then all of a sudden, they are changing their ways, mending fences, being someone they are not when they haven’t faced any of the issues that plagued them on page one?

Some of the recent New Adult books feel like mediocre romance books. The chemistry isn’t there or the storyline is flat. Or some authors, not saying who, recycle the same characters and stories over and over again until reading one book is just like reading their last one, their first one and the next one.

So overall, while I’m not against New Adult, I am really cautious about what New Adult I’m going to read from now on. I’ve been burned too many times expecting something more.