What Does The Bookworm Say? (27)

Posted June 6, 2015 by Kimberly in Miscellaneous / 3 Comments

whatdoesthebookwormsay-buttonsquare-post-375x375Hello friends! It’s time for another What Does the Bookworm Say?

This week’s question: If I didn’t blog about books, what else would I blog about?

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Hmmm, this is honestly tough.

If I didn’t blog about books, or reading, I think I would blog about home improvements/decorating. I really like those sites where they show before and after pictures of a redone room or a new space!

That said, I would probably be leading a different life. For the past couple of years, I’ve spend most of my spare change on books so my rooms are book filled! I love this but it does make redecorating a challenge. Where to put all the books? What to give away? How to store and save and display. I think if I wasn’t blogging, which one day I won’t be, I will channel that energy from buying and reading books to redecorating!

As of now though I spend most of my money on books so I probably can’t redecorate if I wanted to! ha!


What about you? Do you blog? If you blog about one topic, would you be interested in blogging about another?


Posted June 6, 2015 by Kimberly in Miscellaneous / 3 Comments

3 responses to “What Does The Bookworm Say? (27)

  1. Hmmm not sure I would blog about anything else. Myabe my grandson or yeas home deco and renos. but I am not sure that would keep an intteresting blog form. I wouldn’t have enough posts

  2. If I became passionate enough about another subject..right now it is books and audiobooks. I did add a children’s review feature now that I am a grandmother.