whatdoesthebookwormsay-buttonsquare-post-375x375Hello friends! It’s time for another What Does the Bookworm Say?

This week’s question: If I didn’t blog about books, what else would I blog about?

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Hmmm, this is honestly tough.

If I didn’t blog about books, or reading, I think I would blog about home improvements/decorating. I really like those sites where they show before and after pictures of a redone room or a new space!

That said, I would probably be leading a different life. For the past couple of years, I’ve spend most of my spare change on books so my rooms are book filled! I love this but it does make redecorating a challenge. Where to put all the books? What to give away? How to store and save and display. I think if I wasn’t blogging, which one day I won’t be, I will channel that energy from buying and reading books to redecorating!

As of now though I spend most of my money on books so I probably can’t redecorate if I wanted to! ha!


What about you? Do you blog? If you blog about one topic, would you be interested in blogging about another?