whatdoesthebookwormsay-buttonsquare-post-375x375Hey Friends! And welcome to another edition of What Does The Bookworm Say?

Today’s topic is: Reading Slumps! What do you do when a Reading Slump hits?








Honestly, I usually take a long break. Sometimes I get into a bad reading slump and I’ll stop reading for weeks. I’ll focus on going out with friends, or organizing an area of my place, or planning something like a vacation.

Other times, if it lasts too long, I will re-read something that I know I love. That gets me back into reading and I’m comfortable with reading something I already know I am in love with! I usually suffer from reading slumps when I’ve hit a long stream of books that are three stars and below. It has happened and it’s really a bummer. or if I feel like I only have one kind of genre to read and I am burnt out.

Usually a break works. Or re-reading something fun and light like Vampire Academy or A BDB book.

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What do you do in a reading slump? Do you get them often?