wdtbwsbuttonfinal3Happy Saturday!!

I am so excited that it is Saturday. The week is over and fun time is here!

This week’s discussion topic: Social Media – Is it important to blogging?



Hmm, this is tricky.

Is social media important to blogging? Yes. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, they all have their part to play. Now, how frequently the blogger uses them I think directly impacts how popular their blog is. We are constantly assaulted with visual Internet ads. I think a lot gets lost. I’m thinking specifically about Facebook where sometimes you don’t see any particular friend’s updates even though they’re updating regularly. Or twitter where there are so many tweets, you can’t read every one!

So if you are going to use these social media sites, then you should use them frequently. It’s the best chance to get word out there about your blog/giveaway/news.

That said, I am awful with social media. Maybe I tweet a link to a book review on the day it comes out. I usually put it on The Windy Pages facebook page. But that’s it. I’m not savy enough, nor do I have enough time to be on social media sites all day long.

They are both good and bad, depending on what you’re trying to do.

Me? I do what I can and hopefully, someone will stumble upon my little blog and read a review and say hi. That’s all I really want!


What about you?

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