wdtbwsbuttonfinal3Happy Saturday Friends!

I’m really excited about this topic today because I don’t usually participate in any of the weekly memes about what I got or bought etc. Therefore, this is one of few picture posts of:

My Bookshelf Tour!

Okay friends. So, here are some very ridiculous and telling photos of my bookshelf. Be warned: it is not pretty.












Okay, I lied. They are totally pretty!
I have most of my READ books on my shelves. These books are the ones I want to keep, display and read over and over again. These are my favorites.

Close up! – some YA












Close ups! – my paranormal romance area













Close up! – More YA!












Close up- Adult Fiction
Yes, Oooh and Ahhs. I know.













And now, I show you my PILES OF SHAME!
These are books that I bought, have every intention of reading, but have not gotten around to reading yet. I’m focusing on them a lot more this year than ever, mostly because my poor husband wants to see our floors and has been scared many times in the night when a pile of books have falled aka BookQuake!












IMG_0074 IMG_0073 IMG_0075 IMG_0082





























Yes, my friends. It is shameful. I have gotten through a few recently, so I’m feeling hopeful that I can focus on some of these in the near future, once I get the review copies under more control. But remember, the quicker I get through them, the more giveaways I will have!

And honestly, I really do love books. I like having them around, even if I haven’t read them. I like sorting through the stacks, finding the right one that fit my mood or opening them up and seeing signatures or remembering the event when I got them.

There you have it!

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