Hello 2015! I’m  very excited for the new year, hopeful that it will be awesome and happy and healthy! Also, productive!  Today’s topic is: Reading Goals. What are your reading goals this year? I have a lot of them and I am confident I am going to get them all accomplished!



I have a lot of books. I do. People walk into my home and say, “Wow. You have a lot of books.” It’s not such a bad problem to have, but it does have some unfortunate side efffects.

So here are my Reading New Years Resolutions/Reading Goals.


1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race – I feel more accomplished when I read a bunch of a certain format of book (review book, ebook, physical book) at once. I tried reading one of each but it isn’t as satisfying to me. I just feel like I crossed off one and oh no, there’s a bahzillion more! So I’m going to read groups of four. I know, how crazy am I? But I think if I can read 4 physical books, and get them out of the house, I will feel way more accomplished. Also – more giveaways.


2. You haven’t read what!?! – I am way behind on my series reading. I haven’t even started Falling Kingdoms, Throne of Glass, Eve, Graceling, etc. I have been shying away from starting new series, but this year, I’m going for it! I’m going to read a bunch of series that I’ve been ignoring. I’m excited to start (and finish) these. I’ve waited so long, most of them are complete!


3.  No, thank you. – This is going to be super hard, but I really am cutting back on what I buy. I am allowing myself one book per month. The only exception is a book signing and then I am only allowed to buy that author’s book. This actually really works for me and I don’t know why. I feel better when I know I can buy one thing and I am happy with that one thing. This applies to gift cards too! That means they’ll last longer!


4. Enjoy what I have – We’re bloggers so we like to fangirl about books. But sometimes I forget how truly lucky I am to have the books I have. I am hoping that by focusing on my TBR pile, I will enjoy my current books and not be so frantic about new releases. There will be craziness this year about new releases, don’t get me wrong. But I also want to slow down and enjoy what I have, be grateful and not feel like there’s pressure to read so many books or get through so many.


5. Focus on End of Series – I know! I am also going to focus on full series. But End of Series is really important to me. I’m not one of those people who waits a really long time to finish the book. I really want to know what happens! (Such as I am currently dying over here for the fourth Raven Cycle book!) I have a list of them I’m looking forward to reading this year!


6. Ease up on review books – This goes back to the crazy eyes I get when I see new releases. I have plenty of books I still have to review. I am only going to  ask for books I really really really want to review. I am  not going to ask for a second book in a series and think, “Oh, I”ll read the first one first and then review the second one” because that never happens. I only will ask for second books when I’ve already read the first one!


That is all friends! As you can see , most of my goals are about appreciating what I currently have, managing my own expectations and focusing on being slow, steady and grateful.


Happy 2015!!!!