Here’s another one from this One Pot cookbook. I like the idea of one pot cookbooks, usually because the recipes are easy, fast and I don’t have too many dishes left over. I have an older kitchen with very little counterspace and no dishwasher so I enjoy the minimum cleaning that usually goes along with a one pot recipe.
But this time was different.
It’s a big book, so I don’t expect to like every recipe in it. I was a bit sad though because this took me a bit of time and then to not like it…

Title: One Pot Cookbook

Author: Weight Watchers

Publisher: Wiley & Songs, Inc.

Publication Date: January 2012

Genre: Cooking/Experiments

Recipe: Roasted Eggplant & Mushroom Lasagna

But it looks so pretty in the picture!
Yes, that’s right.
Sometimes, you know when you start a recipe, you think- “Maybe I should have ordered a pizza tonight.”

When I was picking up ingredients, I went to my major grocery store down the street and couldn’t find the “no-boil whole wheat lasagna noodles” and had to pre-boil the noodles myself. Ok, no big deal right?

I figured this was an easy sort of recipe. It may be one pot, but there are quite a number of steps. And boiling the lasagna noodles was step I wish I didn’t have to do.

Mushrooms ready!

Eggplant ready!

 Curse you lasagna noodles! (just kidding)
Mushrooms baked!
Eggplant baked!
Adding cheese and sauce

Looks good!
Smells good!

But not good!

Sad face.

After all that work, I don’t know what it was. We think it was the different assortment of mushrooms I chose, or the eggplant wasn’t exactly right. Either way, I was heartbroken when we decided it wasn’t good. (All that hard work!) While it smelled nice, the whole wheat pasta had a strange gummy texture, (maybe that’s the pasta I picked out or how long I pre-boiled it for) and there wasn’t a lot of taste.

I even tried to add more cheese to mine, but it didn’t make a difference. It was tasteless.

Sad. But can’t win them all!

I’ll still try other recipes out of this cookbook. I mean, there are over 350 of them. There’s bound to be another one I like!