Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday! Thank you to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting!
This week’s question is: What 10 things make your make your life as a blogger/reader easier?




Book Lovers!
It’s funny but I get more excited about reading when I’m actively involved in the Blogger community. Whether that is commenting on other blogs or just talking to my co-bloggers or other readers. They keep me motivated, they make it fun!


For real peeps. I don’t know how I ever lived without Goodreads. I love making lists, finding reviews, recommending books, seeing book cover art… etc! It lets me connect with other book loving people. I’ve met other bloggers, fellow readers, authors and more through Goodreads. Love Love Love.


Author Signings
I know this may sound weird, but it really does help me. Say for instance, I have a really great experience with an author, I’m more likely to read their book earlier, and to get excited about it! (It also works the other way around.)



The Library
Yes, I still use the library. I love the library. I love exploring the shelves and finding hidden treasures. I love being able to borrow books, FOR FREE!. I see how people read by dog eared corners or highlighted favorite passages or scrawled notes along the margins.


I am not a twitter person, and rarely use it. But I have enjoyed exploring twitter to casually contact other bloggers and authors. Everyone has been super friendly so far, and I like posting my blog updates on Twitter.


My Kindle
I still argue that there is nothing quite like reading a physical book, turning the soft pages, feeling the weight of the story on your lap, or closing the hardcovers with a soft thud. But for times like traveling, and for spacial purposes, my kindle is one of my favorite things. I love having my library at the tips of my fingers. And I do buy my favorite books in physical and digital format so I can read them wherever I am. (It takes a certain brand of crazy)


I’m lucky to be part of a network of readers who can use NetGalley and Edelweiss to experience new and unreleased books. I am just a blogger. I am not special. There are many of us. The fact that some people will actually approve me to read their book in advance, for free, and review, still blows my mind. It also allows me time to contact the author in case I want to do an interview with them before the review or book is published.



I don’t think I would have ever gotten through Wuthering Heights without the audiobook. Narrators can bring a book to life and I’m so happy to listen to them on my commute. Favorites include: Me Before You, Jane Eyre, Born to Run and A Walk In The Woods.


Book Stores
The same thing as the library. Browsing, Discovering, talking, cover art. All there.

And my 10th one is:
images-2Ice Cream
Because Ice Cream makes my reading, blogging, LIFE better! :)

What about you? What is your TTT?