So the only thing I love more than shopping for myself is shopping for my friends! Do you have book lovers in need of gifts? But don't want to get them more books??

I’m a sucker for some bookends.

Whether it’s Supergirl or Dragons or HP  or Star Wars, these book ends are fun and creative ways of showing off your books. Not to mention you can’t have enough ways to display your favorites, am I right?!




While I’m not a personal fan of the booksleeve, a couple of my friends have raved about them so I’m going to give one another shot. You can find a number of them hand sewn on Etsy, in different sizes and shapes, with different openings in a variety of fabrics.

I like looking at them and whether or not your friend is a lover of Hardcovers or Paperbacks, there’s one out there for them!

Honestly, I’ll probably order the one in the picture. It’s so pretty!





I’ve wanted these lit fingerless gloves for so long I can’t even tell you. (Pictured-  Poe’s The Raven) I especially love that they’re fingerless because I do a lot of typing (for work and personal) so these are perfect for me!

Or you can always opt for a scarf. (Pictured – Pride and Prejudice) There’s something so special knowing the literature you’re wearing! :)




Harry Potter Star earrings. Need I say more?

P&P all the way!

Jewelry is something I love, but never have the money to buy myself. So these fun literary earrings are perfect!




To be honest, I’m more of a tea drinker now more than ever before. Due to some unhappy health reasons, I’ve had to limit caffeine so drinking tea is more of a necessity, but I had forgotten how beautiful a simple cup can be.

David’s Teas is one of my favorite places. This Canadian store has now sprouted up in the US, including in Los Angeles, close to my home. It’s hard to NOT buy all the teas when I go in.





I know it’s a big thing nowadays but I have fully hopped on the magnetic bookmark wagon!

Like these Buffy bookmarks on etsy, they’re easy to use and fun to look at. This seller has a large assortment of book inspired bookmarks too so it’s fun to browse. I can’t tell you how many hours I spend on Etsy. But that’s another post.






Bed Socks!

Even in Los Angeles, winter is here and at night, the ground can be chilly. So I’ve made it a point to always have a big comfy pair of socks near my reading nook!

Bed socks are specifically to lay around in, being all fluffy and comfortable and warm. I have to admit that sometimes I fall asleep with them on and they’re heavenly.

I haven’t tried these exact ones yet, but I might order some for a friend (cough cough).





Here are a few series I’m enjoying at the moment!

You can’t have too many books (well, you can if you ask my husband!). But if you’re not in the mood to add to a reader’s To Read pile, then feel free to grab a few Graphic Novels! A good graphic novel can change your life and they don’t take up as much space as a hardcover book. (Unless you start a series of course. Which, I do.)





Sorry friends but there is no way of getting around Audible. I love it so much, especially now that my husband and I can share an account. I find myself listening mostly to podcasts or audiobooks on my long drive into work everyday (over 2.5 hours of commuting during the week every day!) so Audible is a must for me and keeps me from going crazy. Also, I like listening to things that I would be hopeless at reading in physical form such as Classics and Non-Fiction!

It also really helps my husband and I connect. We’ve listened to Non-Fiction books on True Crime, Parenting, and Travel. Given that we both have full time jobs, long commutes and a young toddler, it’s a really fun thing to talk about with your partner about the thing you both JUST listening to.






Last but not least!

Books. Yeah, I know. I said I would concentrate on non-book related items but I couldn’t resist.

These book sets are GORGEOUS!

Chronicles of Narnia

Penguin Jane Austen set or any of their classic hardcover sets!

Puffin Classics

And for that special someone, Juniper Books allows you to personalize your favorite box set.