Saturday, July 14th 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday! (36)

Hello! And welcome to Shelf Candy! Thank you to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting this weekly meme.
So I was MIA for a while because hubby and I went on vacation! But I’m back now and trying to catch up on everything I missed!

Oh, and there may be a post with just pictures of our trip. Just saying. In case you’ve ever been curious about Alaska. :)

Anyway, onto the Shelf Candy!

My Shelf Candy for this week is:

Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols
Synopsis can be found here.

I am a pretty big Jennifer Echols fan and have been anticipating her new book for a while now.

While not always a fan of photographic covers, I usually prefer artwork instead of stock pictures, this one grabbed my attention.

I love how half of the model’s hair is straight down her back while the rest is being blow around over her head and towards her face. I like how we can’t get a clear picture of her eyes and the blowing hair is whipped from behind, not from the front. The hair almost looks like a helmet of some sort. and the small, white font of the title is gorgeous, as is Jennifer’s name at the bottom.

Simple, classic and mysterious.

I’m also envious of that white dress or blouse the model is wearing. It looks super cute.

What do you think?
Happy Saturday and happy reading!!

Saturday, June 30th 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday! (35)

Hello! Welcome to Shelf Candy Saturday and thank you to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting!

June is about over and the summer is in full swing!

So let’s give you a cover to cool you down a bit-

Some winter chill may be in order.

This week’s Shelf Candy is:

Beneath The Shadows by Sara Foster
Synopsis can be found here.

I find this cover to be so beautiful and intriguing!

I love the thin, frozen branches, reaching like a canopy over the old fashioned black stroller. The white, untouched snow is haunting. I love how there are no visible footprints around the stroller. How did it get there? And why does it sit there, with no one around? A quiet wooden scene, the tall thin trunks of the trees, the silent scene.

I love the bold red lettering of the title and the smaller scripted font. The words “beneath” and “shadows” really stand out, creating an eery feeling.

Yes, it is the middle of the summer.

But it gave you a little chill, didn’t it?

Saturday, June 23rd 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday!! (34)

Helloooooooo Saturday!
And welcome to another Shelf Candy Saturday!

Thank you to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting this weekly meme!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! The weather is beautiful, the sun is warm and the ocean or pool or lake is there, waiting for you! So find a book, or three, grab some sunglasses and have some fun!

This week, our Shelf Candy is the delicious:

The Treachery of Beautiful Things
By Ruth Francis Long

Synopsis can be found here.

Isn’t it a gorgeous cover? It appeals to the thirteen year old girl in me, who still longs to be a princess. I love fairy tales, romance, the beautiful gown and the trail of flowers she’s holding in her hand. She’s looking over her shoulder, for someone?

A forest, a warm light, doesn’t it look like the perfect place to visit? What does the rope of flowers symbolize? And where is she going in this forest? It doesn’t look like a haunted and dangerous place, but maybe it is once the sun goes down.

What do you think?

Saturday, June 16th 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday!! (33)

Happy Saturday! And thank you to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting this fun, weekly meme!
I love Shelf Candy Saturdays.

1. It happens on Saturdays, which is automatic happiness.
2. Book covers can be delicious and what better way to share the love?
3. You get a chance to oogle over books and talk to others about books.
4. It allows you to explore and discover books and their designers/artists that you may not have heard of!
There’s more but I don’t want to get too carried away.

Today’s Shelf Candy is:

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen
Synopsis can be found here.

You might have already seen it, but read my review here.

There is such a dark beauty to this cover. The black whisp of tattered feathers. The dark expression of the model, wearing all black. Most of all, I love the blue light, casting a gorgeous, breathtaking, eye-catching light behind and on the model.

I mean, I’m not gonna lie. I already have this tale as an e-book, but yeah, I might buy it again in hardcover format. Why you ask? What do you mean why? The cover silly! The cover!

Mystery and danger await in this YA novel! You can just feel it!!

What do you think?

Saturday, June 9th 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday! (32)

Another Saturday! Another sugar high!

Welcome to Shelf Candy Saturday and thank you to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting!

I know what you’re waiting for. Some sugar!

And maybe some debate? I know my Shelf Candy today will make people talk.

The shelf candy for today is:

Twilight by Stephanie Meyers
New Moon
Breaking Dawn

You’ve seen them everywhere!
Indie bookstores, Chain bookstores, Walmart, Target, your sister’s nightstand. Your mom’s nightstand! Even your dog has a copy! (Fido, give it back!)

I know, people either love it or hate it.

But you can’t deny: those covers are gorgeous. (Well, three out of four ain’t bad. I really dislike Breaking Dawn but felt like I had to include it in the set.)

Did you read Twilight? Love it? Hate it? A little bit of both?
And how much did the eye-catching covers play into sales?
I’m not gonna lie- I have the series (except book 4. Don’t get me started.)

What do you think? On a Shelf Candy level?

Now, Tawk Amongst Yawrselves. :)

Saturday, June 2nd 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday! (31)

Hello dear readers! Welcome to another edition of Shelf Candy!
Thanks again to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting!

And now onto the Candy!

This week’s Shelf Candy is breathtaking! At least, it is for me!

May I present:

Frozen, Shattered, Torn by Robin Wasserman

These books were originally titled Skinned, Crashed, Wired and were re-published under these new names with kick ass covers.
This is a trilogy.

Gorgeous covers, striking. I cannot wait to read these.

I’m going to be honest, the original covers I would have passed by unless a trusted friend recommended them to me.
But these covers? I couldn’t help but pick them up!

What do you think?

Saturday, May 26th 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday! (30)

Thank you Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting Shelf Candy!
Saturday is just another day unless you feed your book loving self with some candy!

Be sure to check out the other fun blogs that participate in Shelf Candy! I find many books for my To Be Read pile this way and I’m sure you will too!

Now, onto the Shelf Candy!
Drumroll please….
My Shelf Candy for this Saturday is:

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore
can be found

I thought I’d round out the month of May with Christopher Moore again.

This is one of my favorite books. Sure, Lamb is his most popular book, but there is something about A Dirty Job that holds a special place in my heart.

The cover is amazing. The macabre atmosphere. The black and white cover with the pink old fashioned baby carriage. The baby skull with her tiny scythe. And the old fashioned shoes and pin striped dress pants pushing the little bundle along.
And the title, at the bottom, the carriage rolling over the thick pink letters.

It was my first Christopher Moore book. I bought a signed copy, many moons ago now, at Festival of Books in Los Angeles. Because of the cover. And loved the book inside.
It’s a little weird, a little out of the box. And a lot awesome.

What do you think?