Shelf Candy Saturday!! (42)

Posted August 25, 2012 by Kimberly in Miscellaneous / 5 Comments

Goooood morning other sugar kings and queens out there!
Happy Saturday to you!

Welcome to another edition of Shelf Candy.
Thank you to Maria at A Night’s Dream of Books for hosting this weekly meme!

Now, onto our Shelf Candy!

This week I’m happy to share with you:

The Demon Catchers of Milan
by Kat Beyer

Synopsis can be found here.

Isn’t it beautiful?

First of all- who can make me that gown? I Want. Now. The deep purple is gorgeous against the black background and the golden lights.

Second, um, love the candles surrounding the model. I love the different candle tones and colors, the way the lights in the background glow warmly in the darkness.

Most of all, I love the font. Doesn’t it look magical? The golden glow of the candlelight and the title jumps out of the cover so much and is so intriguing, I’m certain that even without the model, this cover would be fantastic. (Again, keep the model. Want. That. Dress)

I saw a huge poster of this at ALA and immediatley went to talk to the publisher’s table about it. They seemed just as excited as I was that this was coming out!

What do you think about this cover? Do you think it would be just as striking without the model? Are you going to make me that dress?

:) Happy Reading!

Posted August 25, 2012 by Kimberly in Miscellaneous / 5 Comments

5 responses to “Shelf Candy Saturday!! (42)

  1. I think the writing sort of obscured the whole look of the model. Plus it is a bit too dark for us to appreciate the dress. Maybe because you saw the huge poster and could really see the details. Still, I love the gold!

    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. This is such a STUNNING cover!! I LOVE that dress just as much as you do! YESSSS!!! You know, purple and yellow (and gold, too, of course) are complementary colors, so that’s why this cover is so striking. I also love the feeling of mystery created by the glowing candles. Is the girl in a protective circle? As for the lettering, I wonder where else it could have been placed, so that the dress would be more visible. Unfortunately, there’s no room anywhere else on the cover.

    The overall effect of this cover is one of elegance! Thanks so much for participating in this meme, and sharing this GORGEOUS cover with us!! : )

  3. i don’t know if can make you that dress but it is very nice. i don’t know anything about this one, but it looks cute. let me know what you think.