Hello! And welcome to Shelf Candy! Thank you to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting this weekly meme.
So I was MIA for a while because hubby and I went on vacation! But I’m back now and trying to catch up on everything I missed!

Oh, and there may be a post with just pictures of our trip. Just saying. In case you’ve ever been curious about Alaska. :)

Anyway, onto the Shelf Candy!

My Shelf Candy for this week is:

Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols
Synopsis can be found here.

I am a pretty big Jennifer Echols fan and have been anticipating her new book for a while now.

While not always a fan of photographic covers, I usually prefer artwork instead of stock pictures, this one grabbed my attention.

I love how half of the model’s hair is straight down her back while the rest is being blow around over her head and towards her face. I like how we can’t get a clear picture of her eyes and the blowing hair is whipped from behind, not from the front. The hair almost looks like a helmet of some sort. and the small, white font of the title is gorgeous, as is Jennifer’s name at the bottom.

Simple, classic and mysterious.

I’m also envious of that white dress or blouse the model is wearing. It looks super cute.

What do you think?
Happy Saturday and happy reading!!