Thanks to Five Alarm Books for hosting Shelf Candy Saturday!
My Saturdays are way more fun now!
My Shelf Candy for this Saturday is:

Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes
by Jonathan Auxier

Synopsis can be found here.

This cover is so gorgeous, I actually have a digital copy of the book but bought the hardcover as soon as I saw it in stores.
AND the book is filled with additional illustrations!!!

I love the magical quality the cover has. The bright stars in the blue green sky, the old fashioned tops of the houses remind me of Mary Poppins. And the boy, who I assume is Peter, shrouded in shadow, a dark blue tint. It takes him one step to cross the building he’s on, because he’s magical? Special? 
His pack looks heavy, swung over his left shoulder. And he is obviously at a disadvantage because he’s blindfolded. Or is he? 
The lettering of the title and font really stands out against the background. A beautiful swirling of light orange and yellow really compliments the cool darker colors. 

I love the cover conveys the magic that is in this book.
Review coming soon!!