18885666Title: Whisper to Me

Author: Christina Lee

Publisher: Penguin Berkley

Publication Date: May 2014

Genre: New Adult Fiction

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book Three


Synopsis can be found here.
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.




Rachel is bruised, having barely survived a motorcycle accident in high school. After her boyfriend dumps her, she reinvents herself in college, being carefree, non attached and not getting close to anyone. That is, until she goes home.

Home is where her best friends are, including Kai. He helped nurse her back to health, and has always been there for him. But Kai has challenges of his own, including having had a crush on Rachel for as long as he can remember. When passion ignites between them, is it worth losing their friendship?

Couldn’t stop reading this one. The scenes are hot and sexy. While there’s nothing really special about Rachel, I didn’t dislike her. I appreciated that she grew a stronger backbone as the story went on, especially in the conversations with Miles, the ex who broke her heart. Kai is pretty swoon worthy. He’s a little lost, but he’s very talented and knows he has to get over Rachel. (or does he?!) But he’s sweet, and he’s there for her, and he’s stable and helpful and just… delicious.

The romance builds pretty fast with a lot of sexual chemistry between the characters. It doesn’t seem forced, but it is fast so I think this book is more along the lines of Erotica/New Adult than Romance/New Adult.

The only thing that I didn’t believe was when Kai said he wanted to open his own recording studio. Sadly, recording studios are dying fast and with everything in the novel leading up to Kai taking control of his own life, I highly doubt his parents would really want him to start a business like that right now when recording studios especially are struggling big time.

Overall, Whisper to Me is highly enjoyable filled with steamy scenes and a lot of swooning. I’m so happy I read it and enjoyed it. If you follow me, then you know that I’m increasingly hesitant when it comes to the New Adult genre, as it seems just a way to take really damaged characters and throw in a lot of lust with little storyline or plot development. That is not the case with Whisper to Me. All the fun New Adult elements are there, but there’s also forward motion, a decent plot and I cared about the characters.

Rating 8 Cookie Worthy