cover45723-mediumTitle: The Last Good Knight, Part I: Scars and Stripes

Author: Tiffany Reisz

Publisher: Harlequin Mira

Publication Date: May 2014

Genre: Adult Fiction/Erotica

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Part 1, Serial






Synopsis can be found here.
I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Nora is back. Well, actually this is a book that takes place three years before The Siren. Soren and her have just broken up and she is at Kingsley’s club one night, looking for some fun. She thought she would find it in her one beautiful friend, but alas the girl is taken. So when her eyes drift to the newcomer, Lance, sitting there alone, she can’t help but ask him to play.

This is a serialized book, told in 5 parts so I will review each part separately. Reisz’s world is one of my favorites, combining steamy sex, love and respect, and just enough kink to make it interesting. Here we have Nora, who has just turned 30. She’s freed herself from the love of her life, Soren and is looking for some playtime. But even she isn’t prepared for Lance, strong Sub that he is.

And when they get going….

It’s very steamy and a lot of fun. I think readers who have already read the Original Sinners series will enjoy these stories. Fans who haven’t read them yet may find them sparse with backstory. I suggest reading the full books first. First of all- they are awesome. Second of all – you’ll have a totally new appreciation for little Nora and tall, mysterious Soren.

I’m very interested to see where this goes as there is a thrilling element at the end where this volume leaves off. A woman has been hurt and now all the women are in danger. What does this mean???

So far, so good.

Rating 8 Cookie Worthy