Title: Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything In Between

Author: Lauren Graham

Publisher: Random House Audio

Publication Date: November 2016

Genre: Non-Fiction/Autobiography, Humor

Series or Stand Alone: Stand Alone



Synopsis can be found here.

I purchased a copy of this book for review.



Listening to Lauren Graham read her own audiobook is like sitting down for coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a year. Warm and funny, you immediately swing back into your old friendship as if time was never lost. That’s how I felt listening to her funny stories through this easy to listen book.
I’ve been a fan of Graham’s for a while and so when I heard of this book coming out, I was intrigued. Never mind the fact that I did watch only a few seasons of Gilmore Girls (only three really) and did watch the revival on Netflix (but didn’t feel the same magic in it) I wasn’t Lauren Graham-ed out. I think she has a wonderful charisma that really speaks to a lot of people out there. I think she’s what made Gilmore Girls so successful, her and Kelly Bishop.

So I was going to buy the book (because I wanted to see photos and I like physical books) but then my head was like – duh! She’s reading the audiobook. Wouldn’t that be better and make your three hour commute per day sweet? And my heart said, yes, it would.

Lauren’s stories are funny and sweet. She reflects warmly on her time as an actress without a job, with no money, with only her passion to keep her company. She talks about being single in Hollywood and how she kept herself sane. While her stories are friendly and shall, I say, safe? they do touch upon a lot of the more interesting points that actresses suffer for their craft. She doesn’t talk bad about anyone, she doesn’t bad mouth her co-stars so if you’re looking for juice gossip about someone fighting who, you’re reading the wrong book. But that doesn’t mean the book is less charming or honest. Graham sounds like a mature if not funny girlfriend you grew up with and are always willing to make time to see when they come home for a visit, so it’s believable that she is exactly who she comes across as in the audiobook. No drama from someone who works that hard.

Again, the stories are safe and funny so not a lot of gossip. There is a lot of reflecting on Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. And not a lot of time spent on her own personal life such as her family. I remember she mentioned her sister in a chapter and I was thinking – sister? I don’t think she had mentioned her sister before, but she suddenly popped up.
But this isn’t really an autobiography, it’s more like a coffee date with a girlfriend.
And I’m so happy I got to catch up with her on my ride home.