20642557Title: Soulprint

Author: Megan Miranda

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Publication Date:  February 2015

Genre: Young Adult Fiction/Sci-Fi, Thriller

Series or Stand Alone: Stand Alone



Synopsis can be found here.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Alina Chase is imprisoned on an island for something she didn’t do. She is locked away for something her previous self in a past life did. But not everyone wants Alina locked away. A group is coming to break her out, but she doesn’t know what they want from her. Or from June, the girl she was in her past life. And what if she can’t help them?

I  had wanted to read Soulprint right away. I really enjoyed Megan Miranda’s first book Fracture and she is quickly becoming a seasoned author who writes fast paced action thrillers that still retains substance and character development. I’m happy to say that Soulprint did not disappoint.

Alina is a unique character. She seems like an everyday girl but she isn’t. She’s been locked away for so long that while she is very smart and knowledgeable, she has a lot of learning to do about other people and the world around her. I liked how vulnerable she was, not sure on what to do but using her intellect to devise what was right, wrong and making good choices. Her desperation to escape balanced by the fear of what’s out there is a nice view into her special situation. And then there’s June, the voice in her head she can’t shake. We only really encounter June through Alina, allowing the reader to fully understand the shadow that is June. The murky shadow that lives with Alina, that reminds Alina, that places clues in Alina’s way. I really liked that June is mysterious and not totally full in the book. It brought me closer to Alina and wht she might be going through, to have her whole life determined by past actions that she herself didn’t even make. And that a part of that girl is still roaming around in her memories.

Cameron and Casey are decent sidekicks. I liked Casey and Alina together, their honest conversations. Casey and Cameron are both really smart in their own ways. I love it when a book is written about smart teens! I get super frustrated when a main character does a really obviously stupid thing. That never happened here, which I am so thankful for. All three of them had good heads on their shoulders, assessing situations, and making calculated risks. it lead to a much more interesting thriller. There’s a little bit of romance but it’s not front and center. I liked the depth that it added to the characters but I also liked that it wasn’t super in your face. The plot is interesting and the story moves really fast so a love angle could have really slowed it down but Miranda weaves it through perfectly, giving the reader just enough to wet their appetite but  not lose sight of the goals.

I really enjoyed Soulprint, picking it up every  little chance I got. it’s a good fast paced thriller that keeps the action moving and does not ignore character development. I think a lot of fans who like this type of genre will be blown away by Soulprint!

Rating 8 Cookie Worthy