9548964Title: Fracture

Author: Megan Miranda

Publisher: Walker Children’s Books

Publication Date: January 2012

Genre: Young Adult Fiction/Paranormal

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book One



Synopsis can be found here.
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Delaney is under the ice for 11 minutes. 11 minutes of no breathing, no oxygen, only coldness. She is pulled from the water and brought back to life, now with a strange power she can’t explain and can’t share with anyone. Not her best friend Decker, who pulled her out of the ice lake. But maybe with Troy, a mysterious older guy who seems to know more than he lets on. Not only about Delaney’s condition, but what power it brings her.

I really enjoyed this book. Good writing and great storytelling.

Delaney is confused, suffering from a rainbow of emotions and guilt. She survived this extraordinary thing, but she feels like something is still wrong with her. She knows she isn’t crazy, but everyone around her acts like she is so fragile and needs help. No one will believe her when she sees  a shadow moving over the lawn, near the house of someone who later dies. I felt really connected to Delaney. She’s a likeable character, a bit confused and trying to pick up the pieces of her life. Her fall into this darker, bleak place is like watching a friend deconstruct, slowly and horrifying.

Decker is such a strong character. Her best friend, her partner in crime, and her biggest heartbreak. Half the time I wanted to hug him and the other half I wanted to strangle him. He’s hurtful and unable to cope with his feelings, for Delany and for this other girl Tara. He’s weak and lost and confused. I know I’m making him sound pathetic, which he sort of is, but he’s also loyal and very much in love and totally lost to himself. Between both of them, their scenes together were the most fulfilling and the most heartbreaking.

The story moves along quickly, with Troy coming in and shadowing everything Delaney knows. I like his brokenness, his turmoil. He’s the secret snake that you don’t hear near your feet until he lunges for your toes. Delaney’s parents are pretty involved in the book, which is refreshing to see in YA. (A lot of times, I feel like the parents are absent, only around to reek havok) That said, Delaney and her mother’s relationship deteriorates quickly and I’m not totally sure I understand why or how it will all be fixed in the end. That goes for Delaney and Decker too. Which, on some level, is okay with me.

I like the ending a lot.

There is a sequel, but I’m not sure if this book needs it. I may read it because I’m curious but I’m pretty happy with the ending, letting my imagination fill in the blanks.

Overall, I think Fracture is a fantastic book. I was eager to read and read and read. It was fast paced, but not too fast where I lost a sense of characters or tone. Thank you Ms. Miranda. You got me out of my reading slump!

Rating 8 Cookie Worthy