16140838Title: Biggest Flirts

Author: Jennifer Echols

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Publication Date: May 2014

Genre: Young Adult Fiction/Contemporary

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book One



Synopsis can be found here.
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.




Will just moved to Florida from Minnesota and the first girl he meets is Tia. Tia who thinks she has found her latest hookup. Little does she know Will is more than that. Little does he know that Tia is going to take more to convince her to go out with him than good looks and powerful chemistry.

Fun and flirty, and no too heavy. Biggest Flirts is a great beach read, light and fun. Tia has commitment issues after seeing how her older sisters’ relationships with men have gone sour. Tia is not a very likeable character but she didn’t bother me too much. Will is sweet, but like Tia, he’s sorta bland and uninteresting. Saying that, they didn’t bother me, but I wasn’t very emotionally invested in either of these characters.

The story is cute, if not a bit predictable. There’s a lot of telling which maybe took me out of the story and detached me from the characters. I wanted more showing- the chemistry between Will and Tia for instance. And all the back and forth between him and Angelica and Tia was a little too much for me. Also, can I just say that if I was Tia, I would maybe slap myself? I She talks about how she has these morals and not to be a hookup on the side for boys with girlfriends, but blatantly flirting and touching someone else’s boyfriend, even if you’re friends, isn’t nice either. That said, there is something about it whether it’s the story or the writing that kept me reading. I never once thought to put it down. I only wanted to know how they were going to get out of the mess they had made.

Sawyer’s a really great character and I hope his book is next. I’d be interested in seeing that romance!

Overall, I think Biggest Flirts is fun and an easy read. For me, it sadly lacks the emotional weight of some of Echol’s other novels but I would still recommend it.

Rating 7 Okay