20945758Title: As Long As You Love Me

Author: Ann Aguirre

Publisher: Harlequin

Publication Date: September 2014

Genre: Adult/New Adult Contemporary Fiction

Series or Stand Alone: Series Book Two



Synopsis can be found here.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Lauren moves home, back to Sharon Nebraska, running away from her college life and the anxiety she felt almost every day. There, she finds her best friend’s older brother Rob Conrad and old crushes resurface as they spend more and more time together. Rob is gorgeous but he’s been made to feel┬ásad most of his life. He doesn’t think he deserves Lauren and she doesn’t think he would ever be interested in her. So imagine their surprise…

After reading the authors YA new release Mortal Danger, I was eager to try her New Adult story.

Sadly, this didn’t live up to expectations. Lauren’s voice is consistent, but I couldn’t connect with her. I found her slightly annoying and her internal dialogue seemed more about commenting on how hot Conrad was rather than providing a lot of depth or observations. She didn’t bug me, but I didn’t feel like she was very formed. Conrad is a much better character. His insecurities seemed real and his vulnerability was believable. I liked the journey his character went on through the book from plain hot guy who didn’t believe in himself to taking control over his life and realizing how valuable he really is. For me, this was more about Conrad’s development. Lauren seemed more of a side character.

Even with Conrad and some steamy scenes, I still didn’t feel a whole lot of emotion. Some of the dialogue felt very forced like the characters had to say this because they were in this situation and actions dictated that this had to happen. It didn’t feel real and sometimes seemed out of character to me. There were also some strange dramatic confrontations that fell flat. These situations inflicted conflict and drama where there didn’t seem like there should be. It’s one of those things where it’s like your friend wants to argue with you even when there is nothing to argue about. And you walk away thinking – what was that all about?

I have to admit, I don’t read a lot of New Adult anymore. I stopped a few months ago because while some of them can be really good, a lot are formulaic and flat (troubled girl and troubled boy can’t stop their sexual attraction and while finding love, they deal with their individual issues.) Don’t get me wrong. I love a good romance like any other girl. But something about New Adult genre leaves me feeling deflated. This was no exception.

Rating 4 Not My Cup Of Tea