Hi Friends!

Today I want to chat about bookmarks. Love them or hate them, usually you need Something to mark the page you’re on. I’ve come across some really fun ideas for bookmarks that I want to share!





I love bookmarks, but in a bind I will use anything that is handy.


For instance:












I like to use business cards as bookmarks!┬áThat’s right! Those things people give you with their contact info, company logo and email address on. They are actually wonderful bookmarks!

  1. They’re just the right size to fit snuggly into most books.
  2. They don’t bend or mark the page
  3. They’re usually free

I do usually need those business cards to, you know, contact people with so I do have a lovely array of bookmarks that are my favorites.



I really enjoy these magnetic clip on bookmarks:












Nothing like a good mustache to mark your page. They don’t bend the page and don’t fall out. Perfect for someone like me who throws a book haphazardly in a bag and hopes the bookmark stays in place!



These were a gift from my dear sister in law. She works at The Globe Theater in London.












I think they are super cute and the perfect gift for me! You can buy them here. They also hold the page really well and rarely fall out of the book.




I also found this while looking online:









How cute! Let’s be honest though. I’m pretty lazy so I haven’t made any of these yet but I like the idea of them. Though I’m not sure if they would fall out easily.


Do you use bookmarks? Or do you use something else?