Thanks to The True Book Addict for hosting!

I was on vacation earlier this month and after getting back, haven’t been able to focus on reading! I know, shocking!

So this will be a lot of fun and hopefully get my reading schedule back on track. I don’t have a set list yet, but this week I hope to read at least 5 books.

As the week goes by, I will keep updating this post so keep checking back!
Thanks for tuning in and happy reading!

Monday July 16th


Pages Read: 216

Finished? YES! Review to come!

Mini Challenge page 99 test!
I tested Cinder by Marissa Meyer.
It’s a scene between her and a doctor, and they’re talking about why she may be immune to some disease.
I had already turned the page and was halfway down pg. 100 by the time I remembered I was only supposed to read one page!!
I want to read that this week for sure!

Tuesday July 17th


Pages Read: 45

Wednesday July 18th
Continue reading Cinder
Pages Read: NONE!
I was busy all day and then promptly fell asleep.
Hope that I can make up for it today!

Thursday July 19th
Continue reading Cinder
Pages Read: 144

Friday July 20th
Finish Cinder!
Pages Read: 198
Finished? Yes! Review to come!


Pages Read: 17

Saturday July 21st
Continue reading Girl of Nightmares

Pages Read:179

Sunday July 22nd
Finish Girl of Nightmares
Pages Read: 153
Finished: Yes! Review to come!


Pages Read: 10