1379480_10151964403448324_227522938_nHi Friends! Happy New Year to everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA but I’ve been busy NOT blogging and coming up with some good 2016 goals!








Do you normally make New Years Resolutions or have goals in mind for the year?

Are they usually book related? Mine are!


New Year Goals!

  1. Read more Sure Bets – In my reading life, I’ve always been inclined to pick up any book. I may not have heard of the author, or I may just like the cover! As my free time dwindles, and will pretty much disappear in the next few months for personal reasons, I am trying to only read the books I know I will like usually books by my favorite authors or books that were recommended to me.
  2. Finish those series – Sometimes, I wait. I wait and wait and wait because I don’t want the series to be over, the last book to be read. I know I’ll get around to it, but this year is the year of NOW. I’m excited to read those beloved series that I haven’t finished and have been putting off and the ones that the last books are released this year. No more waiting for me! Included are: Winter, Their Fractured Light, The Winner’s Kiss, The Raven King, The Beauty of Darkness, Supernaturally and Endlessly.
  3. Read what I have – So, so hard not to buy a book when I walk into a book store. They are all so lovely. But I must be good! I’m on serious book diet and have been doing pretty good so far this year. And this gives me the chance to read some long forgotten books in my To Read pile!
  4. Limit review books – This is also hard to do but unless it’s shouting out to me, I’m not going to be taking on any new review books. I have plenty that are due soon and even more that are late so I’ll be focusing on that. Kindle and tea, here I come!
  5. Read full series – I have so many series I have yet to even start! I’ll try to focus on one of those trilogies a month. Included in this list are: Mara Dyer series, Falling Kingdoms series, Eve series, Spellcaster series, Red Rising series, The Queen of the Tearling series.
  6. Giveaways – As always, as I read, I love giving away the books I don’t have room for. Keep an eye out! I’ll be trying to do one per month.
  7. Enjoy reading – Sometimes, reading and blogging feels like a chore. Not all the time. But sometimes, I feel pressure to read something sooner when I’m not in the mood for it or review by a certain date. This year, I’m going to focus on what I love to do which is reading what I want, when I want. Everything else will fall into place.


Hope you are having a lovely 2016 so far! Please share any goals or resolutions you are working towards.