17348313Hi Everyone! I’d like to welcome Megan Hart, the amazing author of Broken, Dirty and Tempted, has released her latest novel Tear You Apart.
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If you’ve read my site before, you’ll know that Megan is one of my favorite erotica authors, blending a balance of sex, love, passion and obstacles for her characters to overcome.

Thank you for stopping by Megan!

In my erotic novel, Tear You Apart, Elisabeth meets and falls in love with Will. Despite every social convention that means they shouldn’t and can not be together, their emotional connection changes their lives in ways neither of them can escape. As a high school student, Elisabeth used to write in code to her best friend, and it’s that code she uses with her lover. I’m going to use that code here with quotes from the book…see if you can figure it out!

The room is lit in lines of blue and green, and though most of the rest of the club is jammed elbow-to-elbow, crotch-to-ass with strangers grinding and writhing, this room is much smaller and almost empty.

Everything is hands and mouth and teeth and lips and tongue.

And then, just then, in that moment with the lights that are blue and green and gold and the music keeps pumping, I know that I love him.

“Right.” I clear my throat, unbalanced now that I’m only holding the bakery bag and paper holder of coffee cups.

“You are my ocean,” I tell him, wishing for darkness that could make this easier to confess but grateful the light allows me to see his face as I watch him understand what I’m trying to say.

Once, twice, passion beneath sweetness, and even though it’s brief the kiss takes my breath away.

Unbuttoning, unzipping, we move together.

All that matters is the maddeningly slow press of Will’s body into mine.

“Please,” I whisper into Will’s kiss. “Just one more.”

And then I am folding like a house of cards, onto my knees on the hard kitchen floor, one hand still trying to make my heart stop hurting and the other pressed to my mouth to keep myself from sobbing out loud.

Ross says nothing 

This is my choice.



Did you figure it out?

Answer Here:  *The first letter of each quote spells out the title of the book, Tear You Apart.

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