let’s talk Crazytalk.

Do you ever reschedule your plans so you can read more?






For instance, today I found myself at work with no lunch.  No lunch!

Which was surprising on many levels because

1. I usually do not bring a lunch but today I made my lunch and
2. Left it in my fridge at home because I was running late. Boo!
(I should note that no matter how many times I forget my lunch at home, I never leave home without a book or my kindle. Priorities.)

I tried to schedule lunches with friends and though we couldn’t get together today, we did  figure out lunch plans over the next couple of weeks.


Now here’s the Crazy part:
I actually schedule lunches so that they fall on specific days so I can read the rest of the week during lunch. Usually, I try not to go to lunch with people more than twice a week because I like having my lunch time to myself where I can read or run errands. (mostly read)

Sorry but I “have plans” that day (with myself and a book!) but I “can do next Monday.”

I have also not committed to a full day of plans on the weekend because I know that I am going to start reading a long anticipated book (Ruin & Rising, cough cough) and want to have a huge amount of hours to binge read. I love my friends and being book people themselves and very very patient people, they understand my craziness.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I scheduling freak?? And it’s okay if I am. I think I am. I kinda am.