imagesHELLLOOO! Happy Friday everyone!

This is my first Chatterbox post. Chatterbox will be a little post every now and again where I maybe discuss or share some news/thoughts/craziness that is going on in my head. So grab a coffee and a muffin and let’s discuss – Spring Cleaning!



I work a full time job with a somewhat long commute thrown in. And while things have been challenging for a bit, recently I have found myself getting more and more obsessed, obsessed I say!, with Spring Cleaning. Maybe this is because I have very little control in my career or work life. Perhaps it’s because Spring is here and I’m feeling restless. Perhaps it’s because my email got hacked (again!) and I decided to clean up my digital life. Either way, since last week, I’ve made lists and bought some ebooks about decluttering my life! Some certainly have helped.


So, many organizing/decluttering/cleaning books later (i’m a sucker), and a whole bunch of lists, I have:


Gone through all physical magazines and recycle them
Given away all unwanted CDs
Given away all unwanted nail polish
Gone through my home office drawers and simplify the items in them
Switched over my emails and clear all the contacts and clutter associated with it
Cleaned out my digital junk! Goodbye apps on my phone and iPad I don’t use anymore (Candy Crush, Words with Friends)
Gone through my books and stack them for giveaways (yes, those will be coming up soon so stay tuned)
Giveaway/sell some yarn
Sold some old video games
Cleaned out my car’s glove compartments (I had registrations in my car for 2011, 2012, 2013 and yet NO 2014! Luckily, it was in my living room)



I’m going through all digital magazines
Clean out my closet, focusing on clothes, shoes, bags, etc.
Go through rest of video games, DVDs, books
Sort through my contacts for work/personal and import them into one location


Still, I want my world to look like this:

DSCN1673 images









But I’m still far from it.
I’m more like this:







I have noticed I have a habit of getting attached to physical or digital items that I may not currently love/use. It’s been tricky to be honest with myself! While I love you, Lego Indiana Jones DS Game, I have not played you in over a year. I think I should let you go!










(Indiana was eventually okay with this because he went to a good home and will be played for hours!)


Do you spring clean? What areas do you focus on? Any tips, tricks, advice?

And do you also find yourself cleaning/organizing when things feel a bit out of control?

I’d love to hear from you!