Title: Succubus Blues

Author: Richelle Mead

Publisher: Kensington

Publication Date: March 2007

Genre: Adult Fantasy

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book One

Synopsis can be found here.


Georgina Kincaid is just trying to make the best of things. Sure, you might think being a succubus is everything and a bag of chips. Men falling at your knees, healing lightening fast, being able to change appearances with just a thought. But really, she’s just any other young woman trying to get by. 

Working for Hell is not her ideal job, but Georgina’s choices were made a long time ago. She is haunted by actions from her past and it’s easy to think she could have been a moping wet rag of a character. But she’s not. It’s easy to like Georgina. She is strong, brave, smart and flawed. She longs for a deeper connection, a life that she gave up long ago. Of course, this is impossible in her current state as anyone she gets close to physically, she will suck their life out and darken their soul. Well, that kinda sucks.

The dialogue between the characters, especially her friends are hilarious. Jerome and Carter are excellent characters, representing evil and good, playing off each other like best friends who are supposed to be worst enemies. I love them both equally. Jerome for his sense of humor and John Cusak form, and Carter for his stoic advice and that he cannot lie. But doesn’t tell the whole truth either.

And there’s Seth. Dreamy, sweet, workaholic Seth who Georgina can’t help being attracted to. I don’t blame her. He’s boy next store meets creative artist. Yes, Georgina and I may have the same type. Of course, he’s mortal which adds another complication to her attraction to dear Seth. On the other hand, Roman isn’t shabby either. Sexy, suave and he’s really into Georgina. But this isn’t your typical love triangle. This book is about the demons of hell, so watch for some fun surprises.

This is a fantasy novel about a succubus, so don’t be all surprised that there’s sex. (And there is sex. Fun, hot, steamy sex with… oh, I can’t tell you!)

Mead’s writing is stellar. I’m a huge fan of her YA Vampire Academy series and I eagerly await reading her spin off YA series Bloodlines.

Well-rounded characters, witty dialogue and some serious chemistry make this one of my favorite series! Do yourself a favor- put aside some time to read this book. And have the next one on hand, cause you won’t want to stop!

Rating 10 One of the Best