unnamedTitle: How To Keep A Boy From Kissing You

Author: Tara Ellington

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Publication Date: October 2016

Genre: Young Adult Fiction/Contemporary

Series or Stand Alone: Stand Alone



Synopsis can be found here.
I received a copy of this book




Poor Aurora Skye. She has been saving her first kiss for someone special, but when she’s accidentally cast as the lead Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, her first kiss might go to her pain in the butt neighbor Hayden. What’s a girl to do?

So much fun. There’s a lot to love in this book. The cast of characters is fun with a lot of sub plots of will they/won’t they. I liked all of Aurora’s interactions with her friends and trying to figure out how to find their Princes. I really liked Hayden and Aurora’s banter back and forth. It was sweet and charming and funny and totally organic to watch them go from annoying each other to recognizing their true feelings for one another.

It was such a fast read for me, and I enjoyed it so much, time flew by and I realized I had read almost all of my free time away one day! And that says a lot!

Ellington does a great job mirroring the large cast of friends and villains like in Much Ado. It made me want to go back and watch the film with Emma Thompson (my favorite version).

That said, I do wish Aurora would have figured it out a little sooner. I mean everyone knew what was going on before she did. Still, the suspense added to its overall sweetness and I think the book is a perfect read for a long weekend when you want a little romance and a lot of fun.


“Aurora’s indefatigable enthusiasm permeates Eglington’s writing, and keeps every plot twist frothy and fun, whether it involves family, boys, or the production of Much Ado About Nothing Hayden and Aurora star in…Eglington celebrates female friendship and loyalty, too, and Aurora’s sunny outlook will satisfy readers looking for a romantic comedy with a dash of Shakespeare.”
—Publishers Weekly



“If you’ve been looking for Clueless: The Next Generation, your search ends here! HOW TO KEEP A BOY FROM KISSING YOU is a candy-coated read with all of the drama and plenty of heart.”
—Sandy Hall, author of A Little Something Different and Signs Point to Yes



“Like Aurora, you will find yourself unable to resist the romance and laughter of HOW TO KEEP A BOY FROM KISSING YOU. Funny and sharp, Shakespeare lovers and resisters alike will fall for this swoon worthy story.” —Michelle Ray, author of Falling for Hamlet



“This book is full of all the best things—zany misunderstandings, strong friendships, cute boys, and the fun, fresh, and fantastic Aurora Skye, who you’re rooting for as soon as she falls in a puddle trying to implement Operation Stop Kiss. HOW TO KEEP A BOY FROM KISSING YOU is an absolute delight.”
—Jessica Love, author of In Real Life