BetterLateThanNever-button2Happy November!

If you’re in the US like me, I hope you are happily stuffed with turkey and eating left overs! The holiday has given me a couple of extra days to read and I’ve been trying really hard to focus on this challenge!

My TBR pile has stopped climbing higher, thankfully. Now all I need to do is keep reading!

What are you focused on reading at the moment? ARCs? Digital books? How is your challenge going?

So far…

November 2013:

Reconstructing Amelia – Physical ARC
Release date April 2013

The Assassin’s Curse
Release date October 2012

What’s Left of Me – Physical ARC
Release date September 2012

Anything But Ordinary – Physical ARC
Release date September 2012

17 & Gone
Release date March 2013

 Eve & Adam РPhysical ARC
Release date October 2012


October 2013

The Darkest Minds – Physical ARC
release date December 2012

Carnival of Souls – Physical ARC
release date September 2012

Two and Twenty Dark Tales – DNF
released October 2012


So much better this month! Hoping December will have even more! And I have to say, it’s quite nice taking the ARCs and putting them in a box for giveaway. So check back soon as that will totally be happening in December!