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Review: The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler

The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler Published by St. Martin's Press on June 2015 Genres: Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction Pages: 339 Format: ebook Source: Publisher Buy on Amazon Goodreads Simon Watson, a young librarian, lives alone on the Long Island Sound in his family home, a house perched on the edge of a cliff that is slowly crumbling into the sea. His parents are long dead, his mother having drowned in the water his house overlooks. One day, Simon receives a mysterious book from an antiquarian bookseller; it has been sent to him because it is inscribed with...

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Review: Before Now by Norah Olson

Before Now by Norah Olson Published by Katherine Tegen Books on December 2017 Genres: Young Adult Pages: 208 Format: ebook Source: Publisher Goodreads A harrowing and heartbreaking teen romance expertly told with a reverse timeline, Before Now is another emotionally charged novel from suspense author Norah Olson about a young couple who runs headlong into tragedy while trying to escape their complicated pasts. The odds were against them, but somehow aspiring astronomer Atty and her troubled boyfriend, Cole, managed to escape their old lives in the rough neighborhoods of Minneapolis and the judgmental eyes of their parents, who couldn’t...

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2018 Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge

Another challenge I am looking forward to participating in! I’ve always seen the yearly book challenges from Modern Mrs. Darcy, but never participated in one. Here’s my chance!       A Classic: A Recommendation: A Book In Translation: Nominated for an Award in 2018: A Book of Poetry: A Book You Can Read In A Day: A Book that’s more than 500 pages: 2666 A Book By A Favorite Author: Recommended by a librarian or indie bookseller: A Banned Book: A Memoir, Biography or Creative Non-Fiction: Author of Different Race, Ethnicity or Religion than your own:     Are you participating in any reading challenges this yeear? Here we...

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Review: Mary’s Monster: Love, Madness and How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein by Lita Judge

Mary's Monster by Lita Judge Published by Roaring Brook Press on January 2018 Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novel Pages: 320 Format: ARC Source: Publisher Goodreads A young adult biography of Frankenstein's profound young author, Mary Shelley, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of its publication, told through free verse and 300+ full-bleed illustrations. Mary Shelley first began penning Frankenstein as part of a dare to write a ghost story, but the seeds of that story were planted long before that night. Mary, just nineteen years old at the time, had been living on her own for three years and had already lost a baby days after birth. She was deeply in love with famed poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, a mad man who both enthralled and terrified her, and her relationship with him was rife with scandal and ridicule. But rather than let it crush her, Mary fueled her grief, pain, and passion into a book that the world has still not forgotten 200 years later. Dark, intense, and beautiful, this free-verse novel with over 300 pages of gorgeous black-and-white watercolor illustrations is a unique and unforgettable depiction of one of the greatest authors of all time. Judge’s graphic fictional account of the young and mysterious Mary Shelley is a dark and twisty tale that most reader’s won’t believe is true. It begins when Mary is a young, impressionable...

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5 New Year Lifestyle Changes I’m looking forward to doing in 2018

New Years Resolutions are here! Sadly, I’m not successful usually. I always make them and always forget about them by the time March rolls around. But this year I’m hoping it’s more of a lifestyle change, something a little more lasting. Here are some of the lifestyle changes I wish to make in 2018.           1.Eat, Eat, Eat. Or not. Nothing says lose weight more than a good swift kick in the ass from your cardiologist. Let’s throw spin classes and yoga into this category too because it’s all the same topic. Be more aware of my physical body and lose some weight. I’ve already lost 10 pounds. Here’s to another 30.     2. Shop the book/yarn/audiobook stash!  I’ve acquired more books and yarn this year than I wanted to. This year I’m focusing on my review books (mostly digital) and physical books I already own. In fact, I’m so serious about it that there will be a lot of posts about my journey on this road next year. For accountability. 3. No shopping! (kinda) Look, I love to shop. I’ll admit that sometimes, at 4am, I find myself on Amazon. And then come 7am, I don’t remember what I bought or even why. Anyway, in 2018, I’m really into saving money and stopping unnecessary spending. Yes, you heard that right. Not only am...

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Kimberly Kimberly majored in Songwriting and currently works full time in the music industry. When she's not listening to music, knitting or writing, you can find her outside reading her favorite genres: Young Adult, Adult Fiction, Mystery, and Romance.


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