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Review: Prince In Disguise by Stephanie Kate Strohm

Prince in Disguise by Stephanie Kate Strohm Published by Disney Hyperion on December 2017 Genres: Young Adult Pages: 320 Format: ebook Source: Publisher Prince in Disguise centers around tomboy Dylan who is whisked away to Scotland to attend her beautiful older sister’s wedding which is being televised on reality tv. This is a hard review for me to write because I’m not sure how I feel about the book. On one hand, the book is funny and charming. There are loads of crazy characters and heartwarming moments. I loved the setting (a castle in Scotland!) and while the plot...

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts to get Book Lovers

TIS THE SEASON! So the only thing I love more than shopping for myself is shopping for my friends! Do you have book lovers in need of gifts? But don't want to get them more books?? I’m a sucker for some bookends. Whether it’s Supergirl or Dragons or HP  or Star Wars, these book ends are fun and creative ways of showing off your books. Not to mention you can’t have enough ways to display your favorites, am I right?!       While I’m not a personal fan of the booksleeve, a couple of my friends have raved about them so I’m going to give one another shot. You can find a number of them hand sewn on Etsy, in different sizes and shapes, with different openings in a variety of fabrics. I like looking at them and whether or not your friend is a lover of Hardcovers or Paperbacks, there’s one out there for them! Honestly, I’ll probably order the one in the picture. It’s so pretty!         I’ve wanted these lit fingerless gloves for so long I can’t even tell you. (Pictured-  Poe’s The Raven) I especially love that they’re fingerless because I do a lot of typing (for work and personal) so these are perfect for me! Or you can always opt for a scarf. (Pictured – Pride and Prejudice) There’s something...

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Events: Book Club (October)

If you’re like me, the only thing more satisfying than reading a good book is telling your friends about it! I am in a couple of book clubs that meet regularly. The one that I manage with my friend T from Nite Lite Book Reviews Our dear friend Laura, who now has moved back to snowy beautiful N.M., wanted to start a book club at our work. We all worked in the same department at a record label in Burbank. The idea formed and viola! There we were. This was many many years ago and we’re still going strong. Some of us have worked together, but a lot of us are just friends who love to read. We are an opera singer, music publisher, music label director, speech pathologist, lawyer, environmental activist, and more. I love our book club. It’s one of the few nights out I don’t mind staying out late for. (Late for me now is 9:30pm given that my baby can get up as early as 5am the next morning!   What I love about book clubs: It brings together a group of people who may not have known each other outside of the club. Sure, the core of us know each other through work, but our book club expanded mostly because someone met someone who a.) liked books and b.) thought was nice enough to...

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Review: There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins on September 2017 Genres: Young Adult Pages: 289 Format: Physical Book Source: Borrowed Buy on Amazon Goodreads Love hurts... Makani Young thought she'd left her dark past behind her in Hawaii, settling in with her grandmother in landlocked Nebraska. She's found new friends and has even started to fall for mysterious outsider Ollie Larsson. But her past isn't far behind. Then, one by one, the students of Osborne Hugh begin to die in a series f gruesome murders, each with increasingly grotesque flair. As the terror grows closer and her feelings...

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Review: The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell

The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell on May 2015 Genres: Non-Fiction Pages: 354 Format: Physical Book Source: Bought Buy on Amazon Goodreads Denmark is officially the happiest nation on Earth. When Helen Russell is forced to move to rural Jutland, can she discover the secrets of their happiness? Or will the long, dark winters and pickled herring take their toll? A Year of Living Danishly looks at where the Danes get it right, where they get it wrong, and how we might just benefit from living a little more Danishly ourselves. This audio book was fun to...

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Kimberly Kimberly majored in Songwriting and currently works full time in the music industry. When she's not listening to music, knitting or writing, you can find her outside reading her favorite genres: Young Adult, Adult Fiction, Mystery, and Romance.


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