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For this post, I’ll be writing about the BEST Monday I would most want to relive for seven days straight and the WORST Monday!


The Best

I wake up Monday morning and wish for the lights to go on. And they do! Thinking it’s a fluke, I wish for the remote control and it moves towards me!

Somehow, overnight I’ve been gifted magical powers. I can move things with my mind.

The day involves not going to work and reading and writing. I spend time with my baby and my husband, and if we have to go somewhere, I magically move the cars in the street to the side so we can zip through Los Angeles with no traffic!!


The Worst

It’s Monday morning and I’m running late. I’ve already changed my blouse twice because I’ve spilled coffee and breakfast across the top of it. I can’t find my car keys, no matter where I search. It’s like a little elf has been stealing them and hiding them in different places whenever I have to go out.

If only I had the power to find items or move them into the palm of my hand.


This was a lot of fun!

Check out A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody. It’s the perfect book for some summer reading. Fun, romantic and funny.