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Question: Reading on a Budget- Discuss your spending habits!






I’ve been trying really hard to curb my book buying. I have a lot of books I haven’t read and are sitting at home, waiting to be cracked open. That said, I do make exceptions for books that I am getting signed. This may seem like maybe not a lot, but they definitely add up! And I do live near bookstores that offer a lot of favorite author signings so I tend to go to at least one a month.

That said, I have been trying to be really good. I try to only buy the book that is being signed (or other of that author’s books for signings) or I put them on my library list. I can’t say I’m good all the time, but I try. And it’s important for me to NOT go into bookstores. I am a sucker once I’m in there so I do try to avoid the temptation. (I have an indie bookstore that is only three blocks away from my work. It’s very tempting to stop by during lunch!)

I’ve tried allocating a certain amount of money towards books each month, but this never works for me. Sigh. I am so weak.

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How do you stay on a book buying budget??