New Years Resolutions are here!

Sadly, I’m not successful usually. I always make them and always forget about them by the time March rolls around.

But this year I’m hoping it’s more of a lifestyle change, something a little more lasting.

Here are some of the lifestyle changes I wish to make in 2018.






1.Eat, Eat, Eat. Or not.

Nothing says lose weight more than a good swift kick in the ass from your cardiologist. Let’s throw spin classes and yoga into this category too because it’s all the same topic. Be more aware of my physical body and lose some weight. I’ve already lost 10 pounds. Here’s to another 30.



2. Shop the book/yarn/audiobook stash! 

I’ve acquired more books and yarn this year than I wanted to. This year I’m focusing on my review books (mostly digital) and physical books I already own. In fact, I’m so serious about it that there will be a lot of posts about my journey on this road next year. For accountability.

3. No shopping! (kinda)

Look, I love to shop. I’ll admit that sometimes, at 4am, I find myself on Amazon. And then come 7am, I don’t remember what I bought or even why. Anyway, in 2018, I’m really into saving money and stopping unnecessary spending. Yes, you heard that right. Not only am I focusing on what I already have, but also what I really really need. Look out for posts on how much I did or didn’t spend weekly. (and the shame and satisfaction that goes along with it.)

4. Live more Danishly. And Tidy.

My husband and I have been sorta obsessed with Danish living. It’s no surprise that my clutter (and his, which is there but different) makes me feel sad and overwhelmed. So I’ll be going through room by room next year and tossing the stuff that doesn’t make me happy.


5. Better Work/Life Balance

I adore my baby to the point of distraction. Even when she slaps me in the face and smiles about it. (toddlers.)

My commute is so very long (about 2.5 hours a day, not including if I have to drive to see a client at lunch) and I’m looking for a much needed lifestyle change. She’s my favorite being in the whole wide world. Why wouldn’t I want to spend more more more time with her.


Do you have some lifestyle changes or resolutions you want to focus on in the new year?