IMG_0091It’s another year folks and that means another chance to get through my older physical books! I complain at the beginning of every year that I want less clutter and more space! So this year I’m going to be focusing on physical books. Last year I did a great job of cleaning out my book collection, purging the ones that I didn’t want to keep to make room for more open space!

This year, I’m doing the same thing!

I have very simple rules for this challenge:

Read a physical book that I have owned before January 1, 2017! (That’s mostly all of them!)

No ARCs or digital books count for this challenge. Just pure, old fashioned TBR pile physical books.


My goal? 55!

Wish me luck!



  1. City of Ashes
  2. City of Glass
  3. Wife 22
  4. Maybe In Another Life
  5. Eve
  6. Glass Houses
  7. Luxe
  8. Such A Rush